Blues Piano Vol. 1 and bonus video

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The Blues Piano Bundle is by far the most popular course at iMusicAcademy. Over 2 hours of video hosted on Vimeo with detailed instruction on 20 blues licks in the key of C. Video and Sheet music included. Beginner to Advanced.

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After completing your order. You will have instant access to Blue Piano Volume 1.  Blues volume 1 is close to 1 hour of video hosted on Vimeo with detailed instruction on 10  blues licks in the key of C. The left hand has a repeated blues groove that sound great with all of these licks. Once you learn the bass pattern, you will be able to use these 10 licks as the foundation to your blues vocabulary. Every lick is also written in sheet music with detailed fingerings. There is also a bonus video of example 1 taught in all keys. If you are wanting to learn how to play the blues, this series is for you. Beginner to advanced you won’t be disappointed. My goal is to teach you how to play the blues fast, in a way that lets you master each lick at your own pace.

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Bob Taylor

2 reviews for Blues Piano Vol. 1 and bonus video

  1. Victoria Summers

    These blues and jazz courses are designed to give you the riffs for the right hand and the
    rhythms for the left hand and he walks you through a practice session to get both hands
    working together to create the blues and jazz sounds. No other course does this better
    than these courses right here at imusicacademy. Bob Taylor walks you through the
    exercises while telling you how to finger them and he tells you everything else you need to
    know and tells you at a slow enough pace that you can get it even if you are a beginner.

  2. Steve McNerney

    Bob Taylor is a gifted teacher. He is kind, encouraging and generous with his time. I have several of Bob’s lesson programs. They are all excellent, fun, achievable and great quality. I hope to be associated with Bob for years to come.

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