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 Info:  Watercolor painting class is for those with little or no experience who have a desire to express themselves through art. The students have fun and at the same time begin a hobby that will last a lifetime.

Occasionally, as a project to learn a different technique, we paint the same painting, but generally each student picks his or her own subject.

We have a drawing lesson when needed but the class is for watercolor or watercolor pencil.

At the end of each school semester we show our work on Saturday and Sunday of that week in the church lobby.

There is some expense in the beginning for paints, paper and brushes but these will last through the semester and even longer.

I have found that it takes at least three hours to get set up, begin to paint and really get excited about your painting and to bring out your own creativity.

We paint from 9 am til noon on Thursday mornings in the Gathering Place.


I have seen more students discouraged and quit by trying to use cheaper materials.

          Student quality paints are terrible. Light paper will buckle and roll

          We usually order supplies as a group from Cheap Joe’s (Boone, N.C.) during the first week of class.

          They can be bought locally.
We use 300 lb. cold press watercolor paper

Tube paints:

  Cadmium red

          Alizarin crimson

          Lemon yellow

          Cadmium yellow

          Yellow ocher

Cobalt blue

          Cerulean blue

          Windsor blue

          Burnt umber

          Burnt sienna

          Brown Madder

          Titanium White

                   (no black)
Each artist over a period of time discovers his favorite colors


These should be a sable and synthetic mixture, not bristle

          #3, #8, #12 or 14


          White palette

          2″ masking tape

          Container for water

          Paper towels


          #2 pencil

          Kneaded eraser

          Small spray bottle

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