Module– weekly intensive formal teaching and discussion in Focus Field

Small Group– weekly small group gathering with others from the school to discuss intentional discipleship, provide accountability, minister together, share life, and pray together

Large Group Gatherings– bi-monthly worship gatherings, usually one or two days, open to everyone

Future Students

We encourage every follower of Christ reading this guide to participate in the Immersion School. This is not like your typical seminary experience where you sit, listen, and primarily soak information. Students will be expected to complete papers and other assignments as well as be prepared to share their faith and reproduce what is being learned in a variety of contexts. At the Immersion School we make it our priority to encourage and challenge every student in their walk with Christ. The Immersion School is intended to be an affordable, accessible, and clear-cut alternative to seminary.

There are two types of enrollment depending on one’s availability:

Full Time

Full course load, assignment, reports, and papers // Expected attendance // credit towards certificate

Part Time

Sit in on classes with optional assignments // Attend classes and Ministry Gathering // No credit

After the first semester, students are welcome to sign up for the next semester under a different focus field. Every student will be encouraged to pray to see if the Lord might be calling them to plant their lives in a different context, foreign or domestic.

The Church Planting Focus

After two semesters in the Immersion School (one full time and another full time or part time) students become eligible for the Church Planting Focus which is designed for those who feel a calling from the Lord to be sent out for a long-term commitment (2 or more years). Given one’s specific calling the Immersion School and Christ Church will partner with the individual and/or family to further prepare them for the ministry.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Assistance in raising support and build team
  • Individual discipleship and further training
  • Two more semesters of sit in participation in Immersion School
  • Basic language and life in the field preparation
  • Additional, more specific assignments such as reports and other projects

Develop experience teaching Bible
Lead vision trip to desired destination/people group

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