– The majority approach in today’s ministry training/seminary environment is primarily didactic (lecture) in nature; essentially the same approach as earning a professional degree. While this model may be effective for many professionalized careers, it does not reflect the primary patterns Jesus utilized in equipping disciples for a life of impact in the surrounding culture. At The Immersion School students will be taught and equipped from in a more practically and fully-orbed approach.

Not only where students receive formal theological training in their particular focus but will also be challenged to share their faith regularly alongside smaller groups. Every Focus Field will utilize all four “key immersions” so students will not only learn for themselves but be able to teach others also. Modules will add elements of discussion based learning along with formal lecture.

Focus Fields

— The Christian Faith // Worship // Apologetics // Missions

The Christian Faith– The ‘Christian Faith’ module will focus on a deeper understanding of Christianity. Christian history, theology, and hermeneutics will be the main subjects for this focus. Students will examine characteristics of God, major themes in scripture, and movements of God throughout Church history. This focus will also include an overview of God’s attributes such as His omnipresence, omniscience, election, will, infinitude, triune being, timelessness, and much more.

Worship– The Worship Focus will look at how a healthy theology of worship, prayer, and spiritual gifts fits into biblical ecclesiology. In this focus, students will evaluate and examine their own spiritual gifts while exploring God’s intent for those gifts in the context of the church local or abroad. As with the other focus fields, students will be taught and encouraged to help others discern and flesh out their spiritual gifts and callings.

Apologetics– 1 Peter 3:15 says “always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”. In this passage the Greek word for defense is ‘apologia’ meaning “to give a defense” which is where we get the word ‘apologetics’ from. In the Apologetics focus you will explore complex and deep concepts. Apologetics answers common questions like “does God exist”, “if God is good, why would he allow evil”, “with so many religions in the world, how is Christianity the true one” and much more. Apologetics will be a very mind and heart expansive look at the philosophical components of our faith and the wisdom of God.

Missions– Learn about God’s heart for the nations and how we are to respond to the Great Commission. The missions focus will take students on a tour through the history of Christian missions and an in depth look at the world today. It will also examine the different worldviews, people groups, and languages around the world. While studying missions you will also take a look at the various challenges and difficulties of life on the mission field and see how the Bible speaks into these obstacles.

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