The school year is wrapping up, and before you know it, summer will be here! The summer months are the perfect time to try new things, and Christ Church School of Fine Arts has a few ideas about how to make your summer a little more musical.


1. Music Camp

Our annual Music Camp is a great way for kids to get exposed to all the instruments. Camp attendees (entering grades 1-6) will get to play piano, strings, guitar, drums, brass, and woodwinds, AND have a daily art lesson! If your child seems to be interested in ALL the things, or if they’re not sure what instrument they might want to learn, Music Camp is an exciting week of exploration and opportunity. This year’s camp will be July 11-13, 9AM-1PM daily, including lunch and snacks. To learn more or to sign up, click here to visit the registration page.


2. Summer Lessons

Taking private music lessons with one of our talented teachers is a valuable way for your child to spend the summer, whether they’re already taking lessons or want to start learning. For students already taking, summer lessons provide a consistency that will prevent them from falling behind in their instrument. For kids who want to start learning an instrument, or add on a second instrument, summer is the perfect time to try out something new for a couple of months! Summer term is June 5 – July 28, and you can register onlne here!


3. Lessons for Adults

Our teachers often get asked, “Do you ever teach adult students?” The answer is a resounding YES! We love when adults want to restart on an instrument they studied as a child, or pick up a new musical hobby. Studies show that learning a musical instrument is not only possible as an adult, but beneficial for your brain, no matter your age. If you’re not sure about the time commitment, the short 8-week summer term is a great time to try it out. Registration and fees for adults are the same as for kids – register here!



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